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last updated on 10 Sep 1996

"x" : out of print or deleted. "o" : still available. "JPonly" : Japanese only release.
"extra" : extra track(s). "design" : different design from original version.


KCB-70469BauhausIn The Flat FieldCDx
CY-1571Harold Budd & Cocteau TwinsThe Moon And The MelodiesCDx
CY-1572This Mortal CoilFiligree & ShadowCDx
CY-1647Throwing MusesThrowing MusesCDx
'4.A.D Collection' Series
CY-1651Cocteau TwinsGarlandsCDx
CY-1652Cocteau TwinsHead Over HeelsCDx
CY-1653This Mortal CoilIt'll End In TearsCDx
CY-1655ColourboxColourbox (Shotgun, Horses sleeve)CDx
CY-1656Cocteau TwinsThe Pink OpaqueCDx
CY-1657The Wolfgang PressStanding Up StraightCDx
CY-1658The Wolfgang PressThe Legendary Wolfgang Press And Other Tall StoriesCDx
CY-1659XymoxClan Of XymoxCDx
CY-1660Cocteau TwinsTreasureCDx
CY-1661Cocteau TwinsVictorialandCDx
CY-1662Cocteau TwinsTiny Dynamine/Echoes In A Shallow BayCDx
CY-1663Dif JuzExtractionsCDx
CY-1736Various ArtistsLonely Is An EyesoreCDx
CY-1758Dead Can DanceWithin The Realm Of A Dying SunCDx
CY-1920Dead Can DanceDead Can DanceCDx
CY-1921Dead Can DanceSpleen & IdealCDx
CY-2085Various Artists12 Inch 87 AnthologyCDxJPonly
CY-2280M/A/R/R/SPump Up The VolumeCDSx
CY-2568PixiesSurfer Rosa & Come On PilgrimCDx
CY-2637Cocteau TwinsBlue Bell KnollCDo
CY-3005Dead Can DanceThe Serpent's EggCDx
CY-3082Ultra Vivid SceneUltra Vivid SceneCDx
'UK Indies 4.A.D Collection' Series
CY-4411This Mortal CoilIt'll End In TearsCDx
CY-4412Cocteau TwinsTreasureCDx
CY-4413Cocteau TwinsVictorialandCDx
CY-4414Harold Budd & Cocteau TwinsThe Moon And The MelodiesCDx
CY-4415Various Artists12 Inch 87 AnthologyCDxJPonly
CY-4505Various ArtistsLonely Is An EyesoreCDx
CY-4507This Mortal CoilFiligree & ShadowCDx
CY-4508Cocteau TwinsThe Pink OpaqueCDx
CY-4509Cocteau TwinsTiny Dynamine/Echoes In A Shallow BayCDx
CY-4654PixiesSurfer Rosa & Come On PilgrimCDx
CY-4655The Wolfgang PressBirdwood CageCDx
CY-4657Dead Can DanceWithin The Realm Of A Dying SunCDx
CY-4658Dead Can DanceSpleen And IdealCDx
COCY-6120Cocteau TwinsGarlandsCDo
COCY-6121Cocteau TwinsHead Over HeelsCDx
COCY-6122Dead Can DanceThe Serpent's EggCDx
COCY-6123The Wolfgang PressStanding Up StraightCDx
COCY-6124Throwing MusesThrowing MusesCDx
CY-5012M/A/R/R/SPump Up The VolumeCDSx
COCY-5???Cocteau TwinsAthol-BroseCDSxJPonly
COCY-5136Pale SaintsFlesh BalloonCDSx
COCY-5144/5153Cocteau TwinsCocteau Twins Boxed Set10xCDSxbooklet
COCY-5172PixiesHead OnCDSx
COCY-6212Pale SaintsThe Comforts Of MadnessCDx
COCY-6324Ultra Vivid SceneJoy 1967-1990CDx
COCY-6801Cocteau TwinsHeaven Or Las VegasCDo
COCY-6871Dead Can DanceAionCDo
COCY-7096Pale SaintsMrs. DolphinCDxJPonly
COCY-7520The Wolfgang PressQueerCDx
COCY-7561This Mortal CoilBloodCDx
COCY-7600The BreedersPodCDx
COCY-9106PixiesTrompe Le MondeCDxextra
COCY-9397Spirea XFireblade SkiesCDxextra
COCY-9409Dead Can DanceA Passage In TimeCDo
COCY-9480Heidi BerryLoveCDx
COCY-9662His Name Is AliveHome Is In Your HeadCDx
COCY-9781Pale SaintsIn RibbonsCDx
COCY-75036Michael BrookCobalt BlueCDx
COCY-75097Throwing MusesRed HeavenCDxextra
COCY-75128The Birthday PartyHitsCDx
COCY-75192Ultra Vivid SceneRevCDx
COCY-75251Modern EnglishAfter The SnowCDx
COCY-75252Modern EnglishMesh & LaceCDx
COCY-75253Modern EnglishRicochet DaysCDx
COCY-75254In Camera13 (Lucky For Some)CDx
COCY-75255The Happy FamilyThe Man On Your StreetCDxextra
COCY-75390Frank BlackFrank BlackCDx
COCY-75469BellyBaby SilvertoothCDxJPonly
COCY-75489His Name Is AliveMouth By MouthCDx
COCY-75612Red House PaintersRed House Painters (II)CDx
COCY-75617Matt JohnsonBurning Blue SoulCDx
COCY-75643Heidi BerryHeidi BerryCDx
COCY-75677UnrestPerfect TeethCDx
COCY-75680The BreedersLast SplashCDo
COCY-75774Dead Can DanceInto The LabyrinthCDo
COCY-75898Red House PaintersRed House Painters (III)CDx
COCY-75899Spoonfed HybridSpoonfed HybridCDxextra
COCY-75909Kristin HershHips And MakersCDx
COCY-78076Lisa GermanoHappinessCDo
'Info Rock Campaign Boston' Series
COCY-78080PixiesTrompe Le MondeCDoextra
COCY-78083PixiesSurfer Rosa & Come On PilgrimCDo
COCY-78084Throwing MusesHunkpapaCDx
COCY-78085Throwing MusesHouse TornadoCDx
COCY-78086Throwing MusesThrowing MusesCDx
COCY-78087The BreedersPodCDo
COCY-78217Pale SaintsSlow BuildingsCDx
COCY-78240The Wolfgang PressFunky Little DemonsCDo
COCY-78363Dead Can DanceToward The WithinCDo
COCY-78409Germano, LisaGeek The GirlCDo
COCY-78410Throwing MusesUniversityCDo
COCY-78466Red House PaintersOcean BeachCDo
COCY-78538Smith, KendraFive Ways Of DissapearingCDo
COCY-78596The AmpsPacerCDo
COCY-78597Gerrard, LisaThe Mirror PoolCDo
COCY-78605LiquoriceListening CapCDo
COCY-78700Berry, HeiditbmCDx
COCY-78701TarnationGentle CreaturesCDo
COCY-78763Air MiamiMe Me MeCDo
COCY-78856Mojave 3Ask Me TomorrowCDo
COCY-80256His Name Is AliveStars On ESPCDo
COCY-80370Dead Can DanceSprit ChaserCDo
COZY-18/19Black, FrankTeenager Of The Year2xCDo
non 4AD
CY-4457Astley, VirginiaSanctusCDxJPonly
COCY-9661Astley, VirginiaAll Shall Be WellCDoJPonly
WMC-5567Astley, VirginiaSome Small HopeCD?
COCY-75332Astley, VirginiaPromise NothingCD?
COCY-80070Astley, VirginiaHad I The HeavensCDoJPonly

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