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The site was created early in March 1996, and the design is all the work of Phil Stewart-Jones (that's me, by the way). A lot of the content, of course, is from other sources. The images on the front page take up a total of around 70k, which should take around 30 seconds to download on a good 28.8bps link. Most of the images are re-used throughout the site, so the loading time is decreased for a lot of the other pages. Of course, when you've visited once, the images are cached on your own computer's hard drive, so you shouldn't have to download them every time.

The front page was designed on a machine running a screen of 800x600 resolution, and as such it doesn't look exactly as planned if you are using a 640x480 size display. The idea, for those of you that are, is that the two Lush logos (one from the past, one from the present) appear in the center of the link panels.

The front page is all its glory
How it should look -
using Netscape 3.0 and a hi-color (or better) 800×600 resolution screen

In a lower resolution, the logos are just at the side, but it still looks okay, I think.

There is no 'text-only' menu, as such. I can't honestly see the point of them; all of my images have 'alt' (alternative) tags, so even if you do not automatically load your images, all decent web browsers will show up the alternative text. The pages look fine on everything from Lynx (a text based browser - very underrated) to the latest version of Netscape. I try to keep a balance - keep up with the latest web ideas, yet still cater for those not bothered about the bells and whistles.

All the photographs on the Gallery page are linked to bigger versions, although these are on a different site, as they are part of my rather more simple Lush Gallery at GeoCities.

The site is optimised for the following browsers in particular (obviously, the later the version, the better it will look):

The site should work fine if you're using any of these, although certain bits may not look as I intended:

You are not recommended to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Not only will the site will look strange, but you will be supporting a megalomaniac in his efforts to take over our world.

The webspace for this site is provided by my ISP, Demon Internet - 5 megs of webspace, individual domain names for my own computer and this site, full internet service, as many email addresses as I need and local dialup, all for a tenner a month? Truly Demon are the dog's bollocks. And that's a good thing, in case you were wondering.

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