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About these pages...

When I first started working on these Belly pages, I had planned to make a simple one page homage to my favorite band. I looked around on the net and found many great Belly pages. I thought to myself, "what could I contribute?" Well, I looked at my Belly collection and remembered how hard it was to find the multitude of CD's, tapes, records, posters, etc... "Wouldn't it be nice to make a pictorial reference for other Belly fans?" (Other pages have discographies and image sections, but I found that not all Belly items listed had associated images for reference.)

My first addition to the page were scans of my CD's and tapes. I then added scans of pictures I didn't find on the other pages. Finally, I added links to other Belly pages I had found. My intention is to augment the vast amount of Belly info available and make it easily accessible. I hope you find these pages useful.



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I would like to thank the following people:

Todd Boyce, friend and fellow co-worker at VisionArt, for helping me scan all the CD's and tapes. ( And it took quite a while too! )

San Le, my brother and Belly fan, for providing the Pulse! magazine and image that I used for the main page.

Kim Jester, friend and Belly fan in Lafayette, LA, for appreciating each of my Belly finds. ( I was quite lucky to meet a dedicated fan like you! :)

Liesl Dano, mega-Belly fan ( and do I daresay new friend? ), who sent me the cool photos she took at the Dragonfly concert ( that I also attended ) and who also has been sending me a steady stream of Belly photos from all over! She also gave me Radiohead tickets and introduced me to Moonpools and Catepillars, another great band! Thank you!! :)

Danny Clinch, the photographer of the image I used on the main page, for such an excellent photo.

Vicky Salipande for allowing me to link to her Belly photos and setlists on her site.

Ted Fay, for helping me on the Reprise Records online game. ( Hope I get a CD! )

Bryan Boyd, John van Citters, Linda Ryan, Erik Jarvi and Chris Jones at Next Magazine for providing info about the music industry ( i.e. where to find boots! ) and for copies of their cool music magazine.

My fellow co-workers ( especially Bethany Berndt-Shackelford, Rich Cook, Dorene "Vinh, you want this Belly 'Red' CD?" Haver, Randi Stern, Robert Tom, and Josh "here's another Belly CD for ya" Rose ) at VisionArt who paid attention when I had yet another Belly story.

Conrad, Sung, Patrick, Wei, Sarah, and Andrew for their great Belly pages.

VisionArt for providing the resources for me to make these pages.

and of course...

Tanya Donelly, Gail Greenwood, Chris Gorman and Thomas Gorman of Belly!

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