In general, a.r.kane has receIved favorable crItIcal notices.

It would seem that a.r.kane can do nothing that Is not extraordInary. wIth Its punnIng suggestIon of somethIng mysterIous, a.r.kane's name succInctly IndIcates the elusIve flavor of theIr musIc. sparse dIsjoInted sound fractures, altered tempos and hazy feedback which goes from industrial to ethereal as easily as the drum sounds drop from a boom to a simple pattern. raw guitars layers rage overpowerIngly at times and splash acoustIcally at others carousIngly over burIed melodIes and chant-lIke vocals that waIl and moan on one track to sound on the next as If they were recorded underwater. theIr vIsceral stabs of noIse swarm around your head revealIng a bIzarre shImmering beauty. a.r.kane have created a soundtrack to all the dreams anyone could ever have. - rockpool

some artIcles avaIlable on the web are:
rough guIde to rock - a short descrIptIve essay by ben smIth

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