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Subject: sorta amusing sisters news
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 03:17:38 -0700
From: einexile the meek ([email protected])
Subject: BC album delayed (again)
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 15:52:39 +0200
From: Geir Friestad ([email protected])
Subject: Review: Autechre _Anvil Vapre_
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 16:38:19 +0100 (BST)
From: g303 ([email protected])
Subject: info on TMC tracK?
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 14:19:57 -0500
From: "Jeffrey with 2 f's Jeffrey" ([email protected])
Subject: Larbalestier collage book
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 14:16:29 -0500
From: "Jeffrey with 2 f's Jeffrey" ([email protected])
Subject: Re: info on TMC tracK?
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 22:05:17 +0200
From: Emiel Efdee ([email protected])
Subject: tarnation v. l.gerrard (the artwork question...)
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 13:53:09 -0600
From: "blueeyes.brownhair" ([email protected])
Subject: dcd youth original
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 20:53:29 -0400
From: [email protected]
Subject: proffered opinion: new 4ad releases
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 22:23:26 -0400
From: "CHRISTIAN H. HANSEN" ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Pygmalion ignorance question and DCD influences??
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 21:13:48 -0700
From: Jens Alfke ([email protected])
Subject: state of the label flamewar kickoff
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 21:23:46 -0700
From: einexile the meek ([email protected])

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 03:17:38 -0700
From: einexile the meek ([email protected])
Subject: sorta amusing sisters news

from August 12th's Melody Maker:

Andrew Eldritch has sacked himself from The Sisters of Mercy, in what
appears to be either a joke or a bizarre attempt to escape from his
recording contract. A statement from Eldritch last week announced that he
would no longer be part of the band, but would carry on touring with them
and producing their records.
  Significantly, his statement claimed that this action meant that
Eldritch and the Sisters were no longer under contract to east west - a
claim instantly refuted by the label, who replied with their own brief
statement reading: "Andrew Eldritch and The Sisters of Mercy remain
signed to an exclusive recording contract with Warner Music UK Limited.
Accordingly, he is not free to offer his, nor The Sisters of Mercy's,
recording services to any other third party at the present time.
  "We're glad to see he hasn't lost his sense of humor!"

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 03:20:38 -0700
From: einexile the meek ([email protected])
Subject: BC album delayed (again) (fwd)


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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 15:52:39 +0200
From: Geir Friestad ([email protected])
Subject: BC album delayed (again)

Just thought I'd mention that the new Bel Canto album - "Magic Box" -
has been delayed *again*. It will now be out in October instead of
September 16. *sigh*

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 03:23:14 -0700
From: einexile the meek ([email protected])
Subject: Review: Autechre _Anvil Vapre_ (fwd)

I'm just full of other people's news tonight, aren't I? :)
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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 16:38:19 +0100 (BST)
From: g303 ([email protected])
Subject: Review: Autechre _Anvil Vapre_

NB. It comes either as CD with all four tracks or 2x12" each with 2
tracks. Not really remixes on the 12"R. Bit odd really.

Anvil Vapre
RELEASED ON 3 October 1995
12" / 12"R / CD

01 Second Bad Vilbel
02 Second Scepe
03 Second Scout
04 Second Peng

Autechre like the Aphex Twin seem to be keeping up a fairly steady stream
of releases and _Anvil Vapre_ is the latest.  Like _Garbage_ it's quite a
hefty number weighing in at about 40 minutes.  Autechre certainly seem now
to be consistently realising the potential of _Incunabula_, their first
album which though interesting, (it had loads of great noises) didn't
perhaps cohere as well as _Amber_ and other post _Incunabula_ work.

'Second Bad Vilbel' completely fried my CD player when I first played
it... Or so I thought.  It starts with a wicked (evil) kind of distortion
sample thingy, which sounds like a cross between a blow torch and a really
fucked piece of vinyl.  This repeats while a bit of Aphexy looped polybass
kicks in; it all layers up and eventually breaks for another blow torch
solo before it changes direction slightly, with a dark _Amber_ like sound
creeps in and the bass rejoins the affair.  Every thing goes off and loops
for a while before it breaks again and that polybass is broken down and
twisted into a neat halting yet some how funky rhythm section, until the
whole thing echoes and fades out.

Track two takes off with another slower thudding polyrhythm, percussion
snippets and what sounds like very cut up vocal samples, cool simple
Autechrey chords things follow, slowly mutating while background is
provided by the haunting bit from _Amber_'s 'Further', it all reaches a
crescendo and the bass breaks, then everything fades off dreamily (these
long fades are becoming a bit of an Autechre trademark.

'Second Scout' has more excellent studded bass, and little wa ing bits and
a totally funky slow electroey noise that drifts in and out in amongst the
percussion, awesome, there's then a longish drifting echoey break, before
the finale.

Echoey ticky percussion and big bass drum thumps start 'Second Peng' off.
That wicked ringing noise _Incunabula_ owners will recognise, is given
some treatment here, mixing with layers of twinkling echoeing percussion
in an epic track.

So good stuff again perhaps a bit more aggressive than the cool metallic
emotion of Garbage, beats are certainly wicked. 'Second Scount' is a
corker. Autechre just get better and better - and I'm told that their
latest stuff (read third album) is even more amazing.

There is an accompanying short(ish) video but I haven't seen this yet :(

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 14:19:57 -0500
From: "Jeffrey with 2 f's Jeffrey" ([email protected])
Subject: info on TMC tracK?

Since lots of folks have been moanin' about how bad recent 4.A.D. stuff
is and how much better it all was in the old days blah-blah-blah, here's
a question about some vintage noise:

Does anyone have any further info on the track "I Want to Live" from
__Filigree & Shadow_? Who's "G. Ogan," who did the trackk originally, etc.?

Thank you much


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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 14:16:29 -0500
From: "Jeffrey with 2 f's Jeffrey" ([email protected])
Subject: Larbalestier collage book

Someone on this list mentioned Simon Larbalestier's book _The Art and
Craft of Collage_ as a good resource for those interested in 4.A.D.'s
graphics--the book has just been published in the US by Chronicle Books,
275 Fifth St., San Francisco CA 94103, ISBN  0-8118-0806-8.

Happy hunting!

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 22:05:17 +0200
From: Emiel Efdee ([email protected])
Subject: Re: info on TMC tracK?

Jeff wrote:

>Does anyone have any further info on the track "I Want to Live" from
>__Filigree & Shadow_? Who's "G. Ogan," who did the trackk originally, etc.?

I Want To Live (original version):

Written by Gary Ogan and Bill Lamb
Produced by Marlin Greene & Greg Branson for Sunny Day Productions
Released in 1972 by Elektra Records
Taken from the album: Portland

I've got this information from the book in the TMC 1983-1991 collection.
The song 'I Want To Live' is one of the tracks on the 'Original Versions'
cd in this collection.


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 13:53:09 -0600
From: "blueeyes.brownhair" ([email protected])
Subject: tarnation v. l.gerrard (the artwork question...)

music that counts.  ......but since vaugh first knocked on ivo's door the
record sleeve has become a form of art (for better or worse).  anyway, on
with this post.....

oh, goodie goodie some new 4ad records to listen to and (as always) to
look at.

tarnation scores big points with ultracool muted colors and ghostly
nostalgic photographs.  nice typographic layout and above all:  matte
finish paper.  hurrah for paul mcmenamin!  a wonderful representation of
the creepy, nostalgic country toons found on this disc....

*intial tarnation response:  shock (i mean, i was expecting it, but
well...it's shocking you know.)  a bold move....creepy and lovely.  really,
i've warmed up to this without even a full listen.  think david lynch,
think road movies, dusty 50's nostalgia, heartbreak songs, oppressive
summer heat.  err....i don't like it when the guy sings.....oh well.  i
think i'll have more to say about this later.

lisa gerrard gets a big glass of turnip juice every night for the next
year as punishment for approving chris bigg's artwork for her new
record.  what in tarnation are they thinking over there at v23???  you
can't just print the song titles about four different times (let's get
over that or at least do it nicely, okay?), put some stuff upside down,
throw in some calligraphic decoration for elegance and then call it a
master piece of design pushing the limits of the medium itself.  this is
not bold, this is recycled vaugh oliver.  they didn't even have the
courage to run the more elegant type in full behind the plain face text;
it just cuts off....bah, ugly!  what, were they afraid that dcd's new
AAA audience wouldn't be able to read the type well enough and then not
buy it?  and what's more.......it's all printed on glossy paper....big
yucky on you chris bigg! :)......oh well, like i said, it's the music that

*no intial l.gerrard response yet....

.we took those malis back, got a dano instead...........mark.

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 20:53:29 -0400
From: [email protected]
Subject: dcd youth original

hello, back once again with the original french version of youth which is on
the hector zazou     sahara blue    cd sung by brendan and lisa

the poem is by Arthur Rimbaud, french symbolist poet extraordinaire, and is
from a large work of his entitiled "the illuminations". "Youth" is poem 41 in
the series



Les calculs de cote', l'ine'vitable descente du ciel et la visite des
souvenirs et la se'ance des rhythmes occupent la demeure, la tete et le monde
de l'esprit.

- Un cheval de'tale sur le turf suburbain et le long des cultures et des
boisements, perce' par la peste carbonique. Une mise'rable femme de drame,
quelque part dans le monde, soupire apre's l'orage, l'ivresse et les
blessures. De petits enfants e'touffent des male'dictions le long des

Reprenons l'e'tude au bruit de l'oeuvre d'evorante qui se rassemble et
remonte dans les masses.

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 22:23:26 -0400
From: "CHRISTIAN H. HANSEN" ([email protected])
Subject: proffered opinion: new 4ad releases

Well someone on the list has already alluded to it but I must second the
notion - David Lynch must be hiding out under the guise of this new
4AD band 'Tarnation'.  If not, he most certainly will be delighted to
find the perfect band to record his next soundtrack.

This truly is unchartered territory for 4AD, but hey, what does the
label have to lose at this point.  Speaking from personal experience and
from current discussion on the list, fans are dropping off at enormous
rates.  The days when the 4AD logo on a CD meant a safe purchase are
over, folks!  I suppose that this is all in keeping with the state of
music these days.  Alternative means 'we'd like to be on MTV' and
independent means 'they'll sign anyone'.  Of course, there have been a
few jewels this year, but they certainly are slow in coming.  Anyway,
'Tarnation' is interesting and will require a few listens.  But I expect
it to hear it quite a few more times than the new Lisa Gerrard.

        While I absolutely adore Lisa Gerrard's work, this new
release seems, how shall I say, boring.  The most redeeming track to me
was 'Sanvean'; clearly a beautiful example of her talent.  But there was
no need to purchase the new CD to acquire this track.  Was this a lame
attempt to improve a new release by adding well-revered tracks from the
previous CD?  (AKA: The Morrissey Marketing Method)

        Well, here's my advice (if you care):

If you are a real die-hard 4AD fan and must hear them both, buy them
both.  They rely on us for steady cash so that they can keep signing
bands without an obvious focus for the label.

If you are a persistently disappointed 4AD fan, take the experimental
approach and go for the 'Tarnation' CD.  More bang for the buck.  See
how long you can hold out before succumbing to your natural instincts
and buying the Lisa Gerrard CD.

If you are fed up with the current state of 4AD, don't buy either right
away.  Wait until you see them used and buy the used copies.  This means
that 4AD may see less cash coming their way while still keeping your
local CD store in business.  This may send a long needed message to them.

By the way, while I think that I may eventually like this 'Tarnation' CD
after repeated listens (you can train a dog to do anything), I can't
help but wonder if the powers that be at 4AD found this band in response
to the recent success of Mazzy Star.  If this is their attempt to corner
that market, good luck!

Sorry if I've offended anyone.  It's just a long needed catharsis!


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 21:13:48 -0700
From: Jens Alfke ([email protected])
Subject: Re: Pygmalion ignorance question and DCD influences??

At 9:46 AM 8/21/95, Rufus T. Firefly wrote:
>Has DCD ever
>cited Joy Division as an influence?? Or could it all be quite organic:
>two groups with sonorous male vocals over enigmatic instrumentation??

There are Joy Division influences all over DCD's first self-titled album
(the only one I really like.) Even Lisa Gerrard's "Ocean" has a melody very
similar to the bassline of "24 Hours".

Slowdive's "Pygmalion" is import-only. Buy it anyway, it's one of the few
things I've heard this year that's worth $25. Easily their best work since
their first single (with the possible exception of the "5EP".)

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 21:23:46 -0700
From: einexile the meek ([email protected])
Subject: state of the label flamewar kickoff

On Tue, 22 Aug 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> good post christian.
> while everyone's talking about the fall of 4ad, I'd be
> interested to hear what release (or series of releases, or
> economic period, blah-blah-blah) people think was the
> negative turning point for 4ad.  ANd let's see if we
> can do this with enciting too much of a flame war...

While my peeves and sense of beauty fight over the Tarnation record, let
me say that I don't think this *is* necessarily the fall of 4AD. Scheer
definitely seem hopeless, and the label is unquestionably becoming the
slave of Ivo's country jones. (He *dies* have a country jones. Loves
Emmylou Harris, for example.) I must respect 4AD for being one of the few
labels at the moment that *does* have a "sound" and a direction and is
tuned to original (if retro-ish) new styles.

My disillusionment with the label comes more from what they have given up
despite greatness and kept despite mediocrity. A little under two years
ago, I considered 4AD to be at its second highest point, marked by
brilliant releases from Insides, Spoonfed Hybrid, and The Glee Club and a
performance well above and beyond the call of duty for Lush plus a DCD
album which, despite its problems, had some actual songs on it for a
change. Brendan Perry had played brilliantly in radio sessions. It was
very exciting. At the same time and right after, some really irritating
things happened, starting with the dropping of Ultra Vivid Scene, which
remains my favorite-ever 4AD act. All three of the new rising stars were
subsequently dumped: Insides, Spoonfed, and The Glee Club. (Thank God and
Slowdive I was able to see them play live.)

Since then it's been a little rocky, with impressive recoveries for both
TWP and Throwing Muses as well as the welcome demise of Frank Black, but
also a somewhat loser album from Belly and now the dropping of TWP. On
one hand this is bad news. On the other hand, we're seeing a
metamorphosis into something with more direction. Liqourice, Tarnation,
Kendra Smith (I will be flamed for including her here) and Mojave fit
together in a little group and range from fun to brilliant, and are all
definitely interesting. Air Miami are promising. The Lisa Gerrard album
is the first genuinely good DCD-related release in seven years. New Lush
stuff should be interesting.

Here is life or death for me: Can Warren Defever still write music? Can
Ivo still write music and is he? What the hell is up with Scheer? Good

I am more impressed with recent artwork than with anything coming out of
v23 in years. Gentle Creatures, King, and University are all gorgeous.
Listening Cap and the Belly singles looked very nice.

So basically things are up in the air. I take back what I said about the
death knell but boy do Scheer scare the daylights out of me...


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