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Subject: some stuff I'm selling, some promos...
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 22:06:52 -0800
From: Heffalump ([email protected])
Subject: lisa g. sample (was)Re: My goodness! Something good on MTV!
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 01:51:56 -0500
From: "[spiraL]" ([email protected])
Subject: Re: REVIEW: Ambient 4: Isolationism
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 02:13:43 -0600
From: Kathleen Vrshek ([email protected])

Date: Sat, 10 Dec 1994 22:06:52 -0800
From: Heffalump ([email protected])
Subject: some stuff I'm selling, some promos...

I thought I'd give you folks the first shot at this junk. . . if you have
any questions, just email me...

the belltower   popdropper (hole-punched promo)         $6 (atl 92183)

cocteau twins   heaven or las vegas (promo)             $4 (dpro-79291a)
                no liners/sleeves
                1. heaven or las vegas (edit)
                2. dials
                3. heaven or las vegas (album version)

dinosaur jr     going home (promo)                      $20 (pro-cd-6328)
                1. goin home
                2. quest (live) (non album track)
                3. kracked (live) (non album track)
                4. keeblin' (non album track)

moonshake       eva luna (I just bought this one,       $10 (atl 92274)
                  listened to it a couple of timez...
                  it was *15.99* at tower!!)

morrissey       king lear (live at hammersmith 10/91)   $20 (boot)

morrissey       wembley arena 7.20.91                   $20 (boot)

ride            leave them all behind (ep)              $3 (wb 40332)

ride            going blank again (promo picture-disc)  $25 (26836-2 dj)

spirea x        fireblade skies (hole-punched promo)    $6 (wb 45001)

spirea x        speed reaction ep                       $5 (bad 1006 cd)

stereolab       jenny ondioline (part 1) (promo)        $15 (prcd 8815-2)
                1. jenny ondioline
                2. fruition
                3. golden ball
                4. french disco

shipping included, all the discs are very playable and all of them have no
scratches or marks, etc. (except belltower - a few streaks)
if you want one, send me a message. . .
I *may* be willing to negotiate prices on some of 'em. . .


                            n93[email protected]
                               "Oink, oink."

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 01:51:56 -0500
From: "[spiraL]" ([email protected])
Subject: lisa g. sample (was)Re: My goodness! Something good on MTV!

i have to say i have not heard the lisa germano song that
everyone is talking about but i have heard enough about it
to know what it is about... and since this is
a discussion more about the principle and context of the sample
i think i can safely insert my .03 cents (+tax)...

my apologies to who wrote this i deleted your name...
(respect given)... opinion as follows:

> But a deep, lengthy discourse on
> this event is not what the track is about.  It is about how
> overwhelming an intrusion can be and how overwhelming is the
> lackadaisical the response from our jaundiced society is/can be.
> That is what we are to get from the whole of the creation called A
> Phsycopath, not simply the screams of one woman in the night.

this is a point that i agree with...
this sample has obviously has generated a good amount
of intelligent discussion, and created awareness (hopefully
the right kind), and therefore was rather effective...
if the song (w/ sample) is that disturbing, then she has
conveyed the fear (or at least brought to some peoples
attention) that she intended, which from reading that
interview posted, is what i gather she wanted...
the use of life in art is sometimes necessary (if
you dont agree on the whole music/art thing, then
substitute your favorite synonym for what she
is doing... thats just semantics anyway (that argument
about life/art, not her work)...) to get that emotion "just right"
it is incredibly difficult to create the kind of fear
that she wanted to attain with just some words or music...
and surely it probably wouldnt have been as effective
if someone tried to recreate that scene...
point being ("oh you have a point spiral?") that if she was
trying to reach people through her music, and used
a piece of life to more effectively bring this
point across then i think in this case its alright...

perhaps the woman and/or her family wouldnt object
to the use of it in this context, because it has the
potential of creating an awareness that could benefit
other victims/survivors and protection for others
through this raised awareness....
and they/she obviously dont/doesnt object since its been cleared
for a documentary (and her song too?  i was unclear about that
point.) .

it certainly has brought the issue to my attention just
by hearing about it through others...
maybe it will create _some_ reactions that are far from
what she wanted, but, a created awareness, with some
misinterpretation, is far better than silence and no reaction
at all.

one of my creative writing mentors, always said
you can move people more effectively with
personal than you can with the general...
for some reason people can relate more... it
seems like a contradiction though doesnt it?
but if you think about it, i think its true.
take for example mark k.'s lyrics from
red house painters (i forgot how to spell his
last name and didnt want to slaughter it), those move me
more than if he was singing in third person...
"some guy, hes sad cause this girl, and this thing..etc..."
they are intensley personal...
and ryan white... how many took a closer look at AIDS
because of him as opposed to people being pummeled w/ previous
stories about thousands of faceless victims...
although this digresses a bit i think the point is still
there. a personal account is more effective.

and *k-j* mentioned the hnia sample at the end of "spirit and
body"... that is frightening! if it was done any other way i think
it would have sounded pretentious and have less crediblity...
that is one im familiar with (and in this case the presentaion
is importantant also)  and i have to say it is effective... it
literally scares me...

> Folks in the business know, though, that to
> individualize and personalize a thing will drive the point home more
> effectively than a crowd in which any*one* can get lost.

go don! agreed...

> no sig required
> Don

just another wandering opinion of concern for
this issue in general...
hey wow you made it this far... im flattered...

                        ---> [spiral]
                        [email protected]

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 02:13:43 -0600
From: Kathleen Vrshek ([email protected])
Subject: Re: REVIEW: Ambient 4: Isolationism

              4AD List <[email protected]>,
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On Fri, 9 Dec 1994, Ned Raggett wrote:

> While we're talking about this compilation, are both it and _Ambient 3_
> now available in the US?
> Ned Raggett
> [email protected]
Yeah.  You can find it at Blockbuster music, but it's expensive though.
28 bucks!  I've also seen it for 30.  then again, when you divide it by
two, each disc is only 14 bucks, so I guess that's not bad.

Kathy, mistress of long division